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Carpet Stretching & Repair

Carpet RepairIf your formerly flawless carpet is now in dire need of repairs, then you don’t have to get worked up. At X-Treme Carpet Cleaning, carpet repair is one of our specialties. If you’re searching for A+ carpet repairs and excellent, attentive customer service, we might just be the best company for you.

It’s only natural for carpet to start looking a bit rough after nonstop use. This is where we come in. Our in-depth cleaning process can do away with frustrating stains and water damage on your carpet, for example. In terms of actual carpet repairs, we offer carpet pulling, seam fixing, re-stretching, pad replacement and snag management services, to name a couple specifics. If your carpet is in any way less than perfect, our team can take care of it for you. Whether you’re worried about frayed edges, burn holes or unsightly ripples, they can get rid of them quickly and smoothly.

The X-Treme Carpet Cleaning technicians are highly experienced in carpet repairs. They have the expertise necessary in order to get your precious carpet back to A+ condition. While they’re indeed talented carpet repair aficionados, they’re also friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and patient workers — a serious plus.

Our technicians employ mild and safe cleaning products that are gentle and 100 percent non-hazardous to all of the members of your household. Their equipment is also safe and efficient. When you recruit our services, you can enjoy total peace of mind.

If excellent customer service and reliable carpet repairs appeal to you, give us a call at X-Treme Carpet Cleaning today. We’re ready to make you grin.

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